150 Children Compete to Grow the Tallest Sunflower!


We are excited to have launched a competition among five primary schools and 150 children, to find the school and pupil who can grow the tallest sunflower by September.

We wanted to celebrate our local community by launching the first Home Truths Summer Sunflower Competition, with primary schools throughout Eccleston and Coppull.

Each primary school has nominated 30 children to enter the competition and each child will be tasked with looking after their sunflower during school time, and at home during the summer holidays.

Home Truths Director, John Ascroft, said: “We were impressed by all of the children’s enthusiasm and excitement and of course their competitive spirit too! We are all looking forward to tracking their progress over the summer. With these beautiful flowers often reaching up to ten feet we have high expectations!”

Elizabeth Green, Head Teacher at St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School said: “Pupils at St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School in Coppull are eagerly looking forward to taking part in the competition organised by Home Truths.

“The children have all planted their sunflower seeds and are now just waiting for fine weather over the next few weeks in order that the seeds can germinate. They will then be monitored and measured regularly!”

Lynsey Todhunter, class teacher and eco-school leader at Coppull Primary School said: “We are very excited to be taking part in the Home Truths Sunflower Growing Competition.  It has inspired the children to plant seeds and has encouraged them to use their scientific knowledge about growing plants in order to help their sunflowers grow.”

Kelvin Wilkins, Head Teacher at Eccleston Primary School said: “The children at Eccleston Primary School are really enthused about growing their sunflowers.  It has enabled them to learn about plant growth and has given them something to care for, maintain and commit to, qualities that will serve them well in life.  Add to it the edge of competitiveness and it’s proven a really worthwhile task.”

Lorraine Ellis, Head Teacher at Coppull St John’s Church of England Primary School said: “The children love sunflowers and are really excited to be taking part in the competition.”

The Summer Sunflower competition ends in September when the Home Truths team will be awarding prizes to the child from each school with the tallest sunflower. The overall winner across all 5 schools, who has grown the tallest sunflower, will win a special prize and a trophy for their school.

Photographs of the top five sunflowers from each school will be displayed in the windows of the Coppull and Eccleston branches of Home Truths, for all to see!