Advice to Tenants

Are you planning to rent a home soon? Here is some essential advice from our lettings manager, Jo, to help you get started.

What you need to know about rental fees

Rental fees differ widely between letting agents. Make sure that you consider the fees the lettings agent charges before making your decision on the property.

Additional fees that are known to be charged by some agents include fees for check in and check out reports, guarantor applications and renewal/ amendments to tenancy agreements.

All fees should all be highlighted on the property advert or at the very least on the letting agent’s website. We would recommend asking your letting agent to clarify all fees and advise if they are refundable or not.

Before you make an offer on a property ensure that you can comfortably cover the fees, the property deposit and the first month’s rent.

The Home Truths Lettings team will take you through every step of the process before you make a rental offer on your new home, so that you understand any fees, upfront.

How to get the right property for you?

Most people use the internet to search for a property, there are many different portals that can be used, with the main ones being Rightmove and Zoopla. Alternatively visit all the letting agents in the area you want to move to. Get to know them and let them get to know you, so that when your perfect property comes on the market, you are the first they call.

The rental market can move very quickly and it is often the case that properties are rented in a matter of days, often the first day that they are advertised. Ensure that you are flexible for viewings, make the time if you can, and if you like the property don’t spend too much time deciding, as more often than not, someone else will beat you to it!

How to ensure your application is accepted!

Once you have found your perfect home, be sure to have all your relevant information ready. Some agents will accept more than one application so be prepared for this. Every letting agent has a duty of care to their landlord to accept an application based upon the potential tenant’s ability to pay the rent each month and to take care of the property.

Once your application is submitted, if you do not meet the landlord’s requirements to rent that property you could be rejected. Be sure to ask the letting agent what requirements need to be met before submitting your application to ensure that your application is the strongest.

Letting agent requests can differ. However, usual required information would be photographic ID which will need to be in date, a completed application form which usually asks for a current address, current landlord or letting agent details (if renting), employment details and bank account details. You will need to sign a form to authorise the agent to request personal information on your behalf from your employers and previous agents.

Having your application details together with your application money will put you in a strong position when competing against other applicants.

If you are looking to rent a home and you have any questions, please give the Home Truths Lettings team a call. We are happy to help!