Dr Rath and Dr Rath


When the service offered is good I feel am obliged to write a review or give a feedback. I work in an organisation and understand the importance of people committed to perform and the importance of giving feedback to continually motivate them to keep up the good work.

I would like to say a big thank you to your team for helping us sell the house. The input and involvement from the start involving Vicky, Wendy was fantastic. The honest and professional approach and the marketing tactics which was explained to me was reassuring. The price quoted was very competitive and certainly less than the brand names in the industry.

I must say the quality of service we received from you team was excellent. Your team took over in July 2017 and the house was sold by 28th September 2017, wow!. Previously “a large High Street Agent” was handling our property and under them we not only lost time but  significant loss financially ( reduction in the price of the property as per their advise, on going council and utility payments  for the duration they kept marketing our property from December till June). Vicky was able to point out some very basic marketing tactics which was lacking with the previous agents and she was very professional and honest about everything, the approach was not that we are the best and we will get it sold, rather very interactive explaining the true facts and figure and giving a realistic picture which was reassuring and hence persuaded us to go with Home truths amongst 3 other agents whom we had met.

So finally a big thank you.Perform like what you are currently doing and outshine the big names.