Do Fabulous Front Gardens Help Sell Houses?

Do Fabulous Front Gardens Help Sell Houses?

Yes! The front garden provides the all-important first impression to any home, regardless of size or location.

At Home Truths, we find that buyers will often drive by a property before making the decision to view, and if the front garden and the front door are welcoming and well maintained, the potential buyers are more likely to contact us for a viewing. Conversely, there have been occasions whereby potential purchasers have spotted a property on the Home Truth’s website, booked a viewing and then changed their mind when they arrived at the property, as the front garden was looking neglected and was overgrown.

For vendors, we would say it is essential to keep their front garden maintained and looking as attractive as possible, to entice potential buyers to view their property. The front garden creates a lasting first impression and could be the deciding factor between your property and another one that your potential buyer is considering.

A recent property we had on the market, had a stunning front garden, with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. The outlook from the front of the property was better than that at the back, and to make the most of the front outlook, the vendors constructed a conservatory and terrace in the front garden. This enabled them to enjoy the view whilst they lived there, and at the same time created an unforgettable first impression on all the potential buyers who visited the property.

Another memorable property, for the frontage, was a bungalow with a beautiful magnolia bush in the front garden. It was privately enclosed, well maintained and had blocked paving. We certainly believe that that the front garden helped sell this property as it had three viewings in seven days and was sold that week!

Do great front gardens stand out from the rest?

Yes, they can do. We are increasingly seeing that with new build properties, builders are choosing to forgo the front garden due to a lack of space. Consequently, properties with a beautiful front garden really stand out from the rest. Especially, if the competition in their price bracket are properties with little or no front garden. This can make the difference between a sale or no sale.


Are people still bothered whether they have a front garden or not?

In most cases, yes. At Home Truths, we are often asked if properties have a front garden and off street parking and these attributes can be essential requirements for many potential buyers today.

We also find that if the property has a front garden but no drive, people will see this as a potential opportunity to create a drive at the front. So, whether the space at the front of a property is used for a garden, or for a drive, it is certainly still a desirable feature of a property in today’s market. It will certainly continue to be so as we see more and more new builds being developed, so if you have one, make the most of it!

What would you suggest that people do if they have a very small front garden, or no front garden at all?

If your property has a very small front garden or no garden at all, we would advise that you focus firstly on the front door. Make sure that your front door is clean, that it is freshly painted and is a pleasing colour. If possible invest in hanging baskets with fresh, well-kept flowers and additional pots of flowers at the front.

If your neighbour’s frontage lets your street down, offer to supply them with a hanging basket or pots or to maintain their frontage. Of course, you would need to be diplomatic, but if you can ensure that the front of your property and those adjacent to you are looking good and have kerb appeal then you will be more likely to attract potential buyers.