Everything you need to know about viewings!

It is your estate agent’s job to do most of the viewings on your property, and how your property matches their needs. They will be able to sell your property for you!

Some estate agents will employ ‘viewers’ to show potential buyers your home, but beware of this practice as they will not understandle an offer should it be discussed at the viewing.

At Home Truths we believe that it is our job to conduct the viewings on your behalf, where possible, and we find that most purchasers find it easier to ask questions of us rather than the owner of the property.

Before every viewing, you need to prepare your house to look its best for potential buyers and here are some top tips to make your home as welcoming as possible:

  • Ensure that your viewers can park. Remove your own car from the drive or if you have on-street parking have a friendly chat with your neighbours and see if space can be made.
  • Leave all the lights on and if its cold put the heating on. If you are fortunate enough to have a real fire in your home, make sure that it is lit. Show it off!
  • Give every room a good clean!

  • Clear away any laundry, do all the washing up and put everything away. Don’t leave it to drain!
  • Keep your pets away. Let a friend or family member pet sit for an hour, as not everyone likes them.
  • Don’t highlight any negatives in your home or the area that you live.
  • Paint a picture of your lifestyle, tell the viewers what you really enjoy about living in your home and in the area.
  • Don’t cook any odorous foods the evening before. Stay away from cabbage, curry, and coffee does really work.
  • Always finish the viewing in your favourite room of the house. If it’s your favourite room, then there is a strong possibility that your viewer will love it too!


How do you find out what your viewers think of your home?

After the viewing, whether or not you have conducted it yourself, it is estate your agents’ job to inform you of what the viewers thought about your property.

At Home Truths we have a constructive feedback process and what they think of the price of your property.

We also ask viewers what they would offer, whether they are planning to or not, as this gives us and the vendor an idea of whether your property is marketed at the right price.

It is always easy to give positive feedback, however, a good agent will always give you the downside too, if that is what they have been told. This is important so that where possible you can address any minor issues especially if there is a common theme.

We endeavour to get your viewing feedback as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours, and email them to find out what they thought.

This feedback can be used alongside how your property is performing on the internet to ensure that the marketing approach is generating the desired results.

If your current estate agent is not providing you with constructive and give the Home Truths team a call on 01257 451673!