Heskin Farmers Market and Craft Centre

Heskin Farmers Market and Craft Centre

Heskin Farmers Market and Sarah saw the potential, where many may have not, in a building that was once a large cow shed, set in the middle of a field!

Heskin Farmers Market and so much more.

As soon as you step through the doors at Heskin Farmers Market and there is always service with a smile!

Whether you are visiting Heskin Farmers Market and Craft Centre really is a special place with something for everyone.

Heskin Farmers Market and shares with us why she loves going to work every day.

Why did you decide to Start Heskin Farmers Market and Craft Centre?

Both Sarah and visitors to the area, that we both live in.

We took it one day at a time and we enjoyed it, that it would be a success. We were right.

What does Heskin Farmers Market and for?

Heskin Farmers Market and are great value. There is something for everyone, from someone looking for stylish quality jewellry through to fun items for children looking to spend their pocket money.

It really is all about the customer and that has been true so far!

What do you most enjoy about running Heskin Farmers Market and Craft Centre??

We love that every day is different. We thrive off the excitement of seeing something that we started grow and why so many of our customers return repeatedly.


What time do you start work and finish work?

We are both at work from 9am-5.30pm but our phones and emails are always on, we never really switch off, but you don’t really when you are runing a business that you love.

What has been your favourite memory so far?

There are so many memories, but one that really stand stopped for lunch in the tea room. He then proceeded to stop by our office to tell us ‘It feels so wonderful here as soon as you step over the door’.

That moment has stayed with us as it is exactly what we wanted to achieve when we first saw this old cow shed seven years, ago.

What plans do you have for 2017?

We have several party weekends planned and we are launching a new cheese counter in the delicatessen.

Why should people visit Heskin Farmers Market and Craft Centre?

If people want an enjoyable, welcoming experience, to browse the shops, stock up on some delicious food, enjoy an afternoon tea or lunch or even treat the children to an afternoon of craft activities, then come and visit us. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

What is your favourite time of year at Heskin Farmers Market and Craft Centre?

It’s really lovely in the spring and add to the atmosphere.

Any time is a great time, really.

What do you love most about the area where Heskin Farmers Market and Craft Centre is?

I live in Heskin and the walks that I enjoy on my time off are fantastic. I sometimes feel like I live in a bubble, a happy one that is!

What do you like to do on your day off?

I enjoy swimming and being outdoors is a real pleasure for me.

In one sentence, why should people visit you at Heskin Farmers Market and Craft Centre?

If you want to brighten your day, find quality produce and see us!





Here are just a selection of testimonials from Heskin Farmers Market and Craft Centre’s happy customers:

  • What a lovely time we had on a trip to Heskin Farmers Market. All under one roof and a cake in Two Birds Tea Room, friendly staff. We hope to visit again soon. Keep up the good work

  • This is a favourite place to wand other special events, cleverly stitched by a creative lady

  • Beautiful place in a gorgeous village, lots of amazing shops and relax. Highly recommended!!

  • Heskin Farmers Market is an excellent place to visit. Particular highlight for me is the art gallery and budgets

  • Great variety, a good venue due to the number of outlets to visit. Great quality, you really must visit the art gallery and try the buffalo burger from the butchers.


Contact Info:

Address: Heskin Farmers Market and Craft Centre Heskin Estate, Wood Lane, Heskin, Chorley, Lancashire PR7 5PA

Tel: 07599 831907

Email: info@heskinfarmersmarket.co.uk

Website: www.heskinfarmersmarket.co.uk