How To Present Your Home This Winter

With fewer homes on the market and plenty of committed buyers, winter can be a great time to sell your home.

If you are keen to sell your home this winter then check out our top tips on how to present your home here:

present your home

Are you wondering whether to put your home on the market now or wait until the spring?

Although winter has been seen as a quieter time for moving home, the market is still very much open for business and selling in the winter months does have some benefits. 

There are lots of fantastic marketing tips that can sell your home this winter … think of creating a fabulous winter retreat.  By creating a warm welcoming atmosphere buyers will leave the viewing with happy memories and may well fall in love with your home no matter what the weather outside.

If there is a slight drop in the number of houses on the market, there is less competition for buyers to choose from, if they like what they see they are more likely to make an offer. 

present your home

How to present your home in the winter months

Replace light furnishings such as cushions and throws with thicker fabrics in deeper colours.  Adding scented candles with aromas of cinnamon or winter spice can make the rooms feel warm and welcoming.

If you are wondering whether to put up your Christmas decorations, then go for it! Festive décor can add a warm cheery feel to your home as long they don’t detract from the flow of the house and are not too overpowering.

If you have a log burning stoves or real open fires, make sure they are all ready to be lit for your viewings. Turn any lamps you have on throughout your home to give that warm welcoming glow.

present your home

Turn your garden into a winter wonderland with fewer daylight hours available for viewers to appreciate your garden, add fairy lights to trees and summer houses and dress pathways with solar powered lanterns

present your home

The Perfect Winter Viewing Checklist

Before you viewing remember to:

Turn the heating up a few degrees, switch on all lamps around your home and light any candles log burners or open fires to create a warm cosy atmosphere.

  • Check your garden or exterior lights are on so that viewers can sear the outside space.
  • Clear a space for viewers to leave umbrellas and boots.
  • Set the scene by leaving seasonal nibbles out in the kitchen such as gingerbread men or mince pies.

If you have thought about moving in the near year we would love to discuss our marketing strategy with you. We can have everything organised for you ready to go to market in the new year with photographs, floor plans and your EPC all taken care of with viewers booked in to view at a pre-arranged date.   Or if you are on the market with another agent but haven’t received any offers yet we may be able to secure a sale for you before Christmas. 

So get in touch and give one of our offices a call Coppull 01257 451 673 / Eccelston 01257 451 673 or email us on we look forward to speaking with you.

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