‘Let’s Celebrate Coppull!’ – Photography Competition Finalists!

We have joined forces with Coppull Parish Council, to launch our exciting ‘Let’s Celebrate Coppull’ photography competition, celebrating the best of Coppull.

With quirky hidden gems, an abundance of historical buildings, and Coppull Parish Council judges felt that these 15 photographs really illustrate this.

6 photographs in the shortlist are taken by children, aged 16 and go through to the special category; ‘Coppull through a child’s eye’.

The next stage of the competition is via a public vote across the Home Truths Facebook page and by visiting the Home truths office, in Coppull, to help the judges with their final decision in January.

The final panel of judges is made up of Chorley Mayor Mark Perks, Leyland Nina Ascroft. The judges will make the final decision in January.

We are delighted to reveal all our finalist’s photographs, with their own description, as to why these images celebrate Coppull, for them.

Debbie’s Day Care Meet Fletcher

The Children of Debbie’s Day Care love exploring around Coppull. We see lots of farm animals; pigs, sheep, cows and on this particular day we met Fletcher the horse!”


The Farm Walk

“Most people in Coppull will know The Farm Walk. You step out of this almost urban village into the most beautiful surroundings. My children often went on the magical Farm Walk to meet the local sheep and has the best of everything on its doorstep.”

Coppull in Winter

“This image reflects the harsh winter of 2010. Through this harshness came opportunities to take images of seldom seen conditions in and around Coppull, which was also aided by good atmospheric lighting levels. A very important feature of photography.”

The Rural Beauty of Coppull

“Even though Coppull has expand the accompanying benefits it brings for all.”

A View from Above

This picture shows the beautiful architecture that Coppull has to offer, even on a frosty winter morning when the sun is shining brightly. This also captures how different things look from above and interesting locations across the county.”

Winter is Coming

I feel that this picture symbolises Coppull’s natural beauty with the autumnal colours coming through the trees along with the areas where winter has started to creep in with the naked branches. Plus, the slow shutter allows you to appreciate the movement of water over the rocks and down the waterfall.”

Coppull MillHidden beauty in an industrial past

As a grade II listed building, Coppull Mill celebrates Coppull’s rich industrial past, and is preserved for future generations.”

Imagination is the highest kite that can fly

The simplicity of a park. Coppull park provides a safe environment for children, who can play and putting their iPads away. My little ones are in this park in all weathers!”

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

“This picture shows the beautiful nature and fields around Coppull.”

Children’s Category – ‘Coppull through a child’s eye’

Birdseye view of Springfield Leisure Park

“This park caters for children of all ages and was chilled out by the time I took this photo.”

Blainscough Lane Walk

Our family always enjoy getting out and Rivington in the distance. On our ‘Blainscough Lane Walk’, I took this photo on a foggy early morning, of my little sister Katie striding along in front.”

Coppull Parish Church

The thing I love the most about Coppull Parish Church is the welcoming family atmosphere. It is where our family goes to worship, and we sing Christmas carols. It’s just magical.”

Father Christmas

One of the things I love about Coppull is when Santa goes on his rounds. I love to see him every year. Ho ho ho!”

Freddy the Frog

I took this picture to show how much I love Coppull and the animals around.”

Henry the Hedgehog

“I took this picture to show how much I love the village of Coppull and you can see the amazing creatures as you walk through.”

The judges will make the final decision in January, when a winner of the ‘Coppull through a child’s eye’ category and the overall winner will be announced.

The Coppull Photography winner will win a special trophy and a £50 gift voucher.