At Home Truths Sales and Lettings we don't just value your property, we maximise the value of the property. We do this through a combined strategy focused on the best Presentation, maximising Exposure and offering exceptional Service

We provide full property management services and will make the process as smooth as we can.

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  • Our Bespoke Strategy

    We will present your property in the best possible way; we will expose it to the largest number of potential tenants and at the same time we will provide you with exceptional service to ensure you have a positive experience letting your property. Everything we discuss with you will be about one or more of these elements.


    All of our rental listings include professional photography and floorplans – designed to represent all the key features and elements of your property. A let board will be erected to create awareness and professional property particulars made.


    Your property will be given extensive exposure on the large (and small!) property websites and you will also be featured on our Home Truths website. We embrace social media as a fantastic tool to target a further audience and your property would be posted onto these accounts. Your property would also be promoted in our window cards, and as our branches are both central village locations your property is sure to be seen by many!


    All viewings on your property are accompanied by an experienced team member who will know all about your property and location beforehand. Before viewings, each potential tenant is qualified to make sure your time isn’t wasted. Your new tenant will be fully referenced before being accepted for a property. This includes: credit history checks, employer and landlord checks and the mandatory UK Right to Rent Check. Home Truths look after the holding deposit protection which will secure a property for the tenant and give you peace of mind they are serious candidates. Once referencing is completed, we will arrange payment of the full deposit and first months rent payment.

    Alongside of finding the perfect tenant we offer our landlords full support to make sure that the house is fully ready including meeting all legal requirements.  Our professional inventories ensure we all have a shared understanding of the condition of the property and provide a benchmark for reqular inspections and, when the time comes, end of tenancy checks.

    Our range of service packages can be easily adapted to meet your needs.  Why not let Home Truths take all of the strain of having a rental property and take our fully managed package with local fully accredited tradesmen supporting the ongoing maintance of the property.


  • The Home Truths Extras

    We offer a number of extra services to our landlords to keep the whole process simple! We let a property quickly to reduce the empty void period, keeping a tenancy simple to manage and ensuring a calm end of tenancy check out.

    Below are some of the fantastic services we can offer for your rental property:

  • Zero Deposit Scheme

    Better protected

    With more cash deposits capped at five weeks, the six-week guarantee gives you more cover.

    Attract tenants faster

    By reducing the upfront cost of renting, Zero Deposit speeds up the process and reduced void periods.

    Fast payouts

    Claims are adjudicated by TDS and landlords receive fair payouts within two working days – removing all the traditional hassle.

  • Tenant Reporting System

    Fewer Issues

    Our tenant reporting system, Fixflo, provides guidance for tenants on their responsibilities and explains how they can fix simple issues themselves, solving 14% of issues through built in advice.

    Faster fixes

    Fixflo creates detailed reports for agents and contractors, helping to resolve the issue on the first contractor visit.

  • Our Payment System

    Up to date

    With the Owner App: landlords can see if the rent has been paid, the income on their portfolio, third-party payment status and much more.  What’s more you can also be sure that Home Truths and your money are fully covered by Client Money Protection legislationby using this APP.

    All in one place

    Landlords have a complete overview of all their properties in one place, to compare rent and costs, quickly and easily.

  • Inspections

    Regular inspection reports

    We provide regular detailed inspection reports, giving landlords peace of mind that their property is being looked after.

    Easy to read

    The colour coded report is quick and easy for landlords to understand the property condition.

  • Professional Inventory

    Professional inventory

    We provide a professional inventory with every property with VeriSmart. The detailed report includes photos and can be signed off by the tenant at the start of the tenancy.

    Helping disputes

    A professional inventory can make any disputes at the end of the tenancy quicker and easier to handle.

  • Why rent from Home Truths .. the tenants guide

    So you have found a home you would like to rent … what can you expect from Home Truths.  Well, firstly we will ask detailed questions about your position including who will live at the property, your employment position and financial details especially around income and any adverse credit but please be assured that we are fair and even if there are issues especially in credit history we will work with you to understand the issue and, depending on what this is, we can hopefully still go forward, find solutions and represent you to the landlord. 

    Secondly we will personally show you around the property of interest.  Our lettings manager Lewis needs to meet you and also, you need to meet him .. we all need to be able to work together through tenancies for the good of all including the landlord whose home you will be living in.  If you decide you wish to take the house forward you will be asked to complete referencing through our Vouch scheme and pay a holding deposit which ultimately becomes part of your full deposit or month 1 rent.  No referencing fees from Home Truths … we like to be compliant. 

    Once referencing is completed, and hopefully all looking good, we will arrange a move in date for you.  In the background we will also be working with the landlord to make sure that the house will be ready for you and fully compliant.  As we move towards the move in date you will be asked to lodge your deposit with us, or enter the deposit agreement through the Zero Deposit scheme if this is the way we are going forward, and on the day  you pay your first month rent into our Payprop system.  This protects your money throughout the tenancy and also allows you access to see payments made, money owed … everything is transparent! 

    Throughout the tenancy we will keep in touch with regular inspections which are a two way process for us to be able to feed back to the landlord on their property but also so you can raise any concerns with Home Truths too.  Hopefully there won’t be any surprises as maintenance issues can be easily logged with us at any time of day or night, through a web based system.  Lewis may not reply at midnight but at least you will know it is all in hand!