Tenants Guide

What can you expect from Home Truths?

So you have found a home you would like to rent, what’s next?

Firstly we will ask detailed questions about your position including who will live at the property, your employment position and financial details. ( especially around income and any adverse credit.)

Please be assured that we are fair and even if there are stumbling blocks (especially in credit history) we will work with you to understand the issue. Then depending on what this is, we can hopefully still go forward, find solutions and represent you to the landlord. 

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tenants guide

Next we'll show you around the property of interest

Our lettings manager Lewis needs to meet you and also, you need to meet him.

We all need to be able to work together through tenancies for the good of all including the landlord whose home you will be living in. 

If you decide you wish to take the house forward you will be asked to complete referencing through our Vouch scheme. You will then pay a holding deposit which ultimately becomes part of your full deposit or month 1 rent. 

No referencing fees from Home Truths – we like to be compliant.

Once we have your references, and all looks good, we'll arrange a move-in date for you.

In the background, we will also be working with the landlord to make sure that the house will be ready for you and fully compliant. 

As we move towards the move-in date you will be asked to lodge your deposit with us or enter the deposit agreement through the Zero Deposit scheme.

If this is the way we are going forward, then on the day you pay your first-month rent into our Payprop system.  This protects your money throughout the tenancy and also allows you access to see payments made, money owed. Everything is transparent! 

We'll keep in touch

Throughout the tenancy, we’ll need to arrange regular inspections.

This two-way process enables us to feedback to the landlord on their property and also gives you the opportunity to raise any concerns with Home Truths too. 

Hopefully, there won’t be any surprises as maintenance issues can be easily logged with us at any time of day or night, through our web-based system

Lewis may not reply at midnight but at least you will know it is all in hand!

tenants guide