Chorley is a popular and the historic Roman A6 road running through the middle. This is a thriving market town with a population of approximately 34,000.

There is a bus station and the Northern Manchester to Preston Line.

Chorley town centre is the main location of a variety of independent shops and Morrisons also situated in the town centre.

Chorley’s Flat Iron Market has been established for hundreds of years and restaurants.

A popular destination is the Leeds and marinas located throughout the Chorley area.

Chorley is located at the foot of the West Pennine Moors and bikers alike.

Chorley has numerous primary schools, both council and five high schools, with Runshaw College being the local further education facility.

Chorley is home to the semi-professional football team, Chorley F.C. and boasts several cricket clubs.

Interesting Facts about Chorley

  • Chorley is the home of theChorley cake
  • A market has been held every Tuesday in Chorley, since 1498
  • Chorley played an important role during theSecond World War, when it was home to the Royal Ordnance Factory, a large munitions manufacturer in the adjacent village of Euxton
  • In the 1970s, Chorley was set to be part of the ‘Central Lancashire New Town’, with Preston andoned
  • Chorley is home to the largest Latter-day Saints temple (informally known as the Mormon Church), in Europe. It is known as the Preston England Temple

Mark, shares with us the best things about living in Chorley and what he loves about the area.

What do you really love about Chorley?

I love the friendly people, the fact that its easily accessible to Manchester city life and that we’re surrounded by beautiful countryside.

What are your favourite streets in Chorley and why?

Rotherwick Avenue, Isleworth Drive and Collingwood Road are my favourite Chorley streets as they’re nice residential areas where we all grew up.

What is your favourite pub or restaurant in the area and why?

I like Papa Luigi’s in Euxton. They have great food and I’ve been going in for nearly 40 years! I’m also enjoying all of the Micro pubs that are appearing all the time now.

Where is the best place to go for a walk in the area?

The best walk in my opinion is from White Coppice Cricket Ground to the Yew Tree Inn at Anglezarke (and out into the countryside.

Do you have a favourite shop in Chorley?

Yes, Nigel Clare’s Menswear can’t be beaten for clothes, the food stalls on Chorley Market are steeped in history and pies.

What is Chorley's best kept secret?

The countryside around White Coppice, Heapey and Anglezarke

Why should someone move to Chorley?

Chorley is a traditional market town. It’s full of nice people, there are good schools and Manchester with easy access to beautiful countryside.