Coppull is a village in Lancashire with a population of around 8,000 and the small village, Charnock Richard.

Coppull has a thriving community with a variety of convenient shops including a Co-op a Spar andwiches in the area!

Coppull is fortunate to have some beautiful green spaces at its borders including Yarrow Valley Country Park, with an abundance of wildlife and. A beautiful

place for a country walk or to enjoy a picnic in warmer months.

Coppull boasts four primary schools, all with a ‘good’ Ofsted rating and strong links with the community.

Coppull Primary School

Coppull Primary School pride themselves on being a caring, friendly school, where children come first. They believe that children who leave Coppull Primary should be well prepared for their future lives and will hold happy memories of their time there.

Coppull Parish Church School

Coppull Parish Church school has close links to the church at Coppull Parish and look forward to a bright future.

Coppull St. John's Church of England Primary School

Coppull St. John's Church of England Primary School is a small family Christian school with Christian values at the heart of everything they do. They aim to enable children to achieve their true potential not only academically but in all walks of life.

St Oswalds Catholic Primary School

St Oswalds Catholic Primary School offers a warm, welcoming, and the teachings of the Catholic Church”

Interesting facts about Coppull

  • It is possible that aRoman road between Wigan and 1985
  • Coppull’s name describes its topography and Hyll meaning a hill. In 1277, Coppull was known as Cophulle becoming Coppull in 1444
  • Coppull has a rich mining history, with Coppull Mill still standing today. It is a Grade ll listed building, that houses several local businesses
  • Coppull has a strong sporting history with Chorley Panthers, a successful youth and Kung Fu clubs

Sharon, shares with us the best things about living in Coppull and what she loves about the area.

What do you really love about Coppull?

What I love about Coppull is the warmth and belonging to a great community.
What are your favourite streets in Coppull and why?

My favourite Street in Coppull must be Spendmore Lane because of all the shops. For such a small village, we have everything from the Post Office to Estate Agents (Home Truths of course!)

What is your favourite pub or restaurant in the area and why?

This is the easiest question for me which quite simply has to be The Wheatsheaf due to its hand is The Beeches.

Where is the best place to go for a walk in the area?

The nicest place to walk, of which I do daily, is beautiful Yarrow Valley because no matter what time of the year you go, the wildlife is lovely and winter are amazing.

Do you have a favourite shop in Coppull?

I personally don't have a favourite shop however my husband enjoys looking in the fishing tackle shop.

What is Coppull best kept secret?

I would say Coppull best kept secret is … well that wouldn't be a secret anymore so shush!

Why should someone move to Coppull?

People should move to Coppull because the warmth and good links to the motorway network.