Money saving tips
Money saving tips from the mortgage experts at Home Truths. If you’re looking to buy a house these tips will help you get there.
Remortgaging Jargon Buster
Everything about remortgaging can be confusing. From the actual process to the definitions.
Remortgaging for Home Improvements
A house needs regular care, but balancing day-to-day life along with a to-do list of home improvements can be a hassle.
A Guide to Equity Release
For many, the term Equity Release is one that’s been heard before but perhaps not full understood and how it effects them.
Obtaining A Mortgage
The process of sorting out your Mortgage can be strenuous, whether you’re a first time buyer or are an experienced home buyer.
A Guide to Remortgaging
Remortgaging is the process of switching from your current deal to another mortgage deal.
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Mortgage calculator
Seen the perfect property? Estimate the cost of a mortgage here.
Know how much you want to spend on a property or have found one you know the price of?
Seen an attractive offer or have an idea how much interest you want to pay?
How much have you got saved to put towards your property?
How many years do you want to pay your mortgage back at this rate?
This calculator is based on assumptions and a mortgage on a repayment basis. This is for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon.