Myths about the property market and selling your home, our advice.

The property market is full of buying and selling myths and can be difficult to navigate. With that in mind, we have put together our best advice for anyone looking to sell their house.

Overpricing your home will lead to better offers

When your home is accurately priced, it is more likely to sell quickly and achieve the best price.  If your home is priced too high you may find you are on the property market longer. This may lead to you reducing your price rather than having the opportunity to negotiate upwards pricing.

Additionally, when your home is over-priced your property may not be picked up by buyers searching in the correct price bracket. You will also find that you are marketed alongside other properties that are accurately priced. This means that they will appear to be better value for money than yours.

A quick offer means your house is priced too low 

Many people think that if their house receives an offer quickly then a better offer will come along if they wait. Our experience with the local property market shows that this is not the case.

If your home has been accurately priced and it is a fair offer, then it would be right to accept the offer. When buyers are in a proceed-able position we would advise sellers to go ahead rather than wait for a better offer.

The estate agent with the lowest commission is the best option

We believe that good agents offer outstanding service, a bespoke marketing plan and communicate effectively. Good communication and assistance with sales progression through to completion is crucial. We always advise you to check on the services you are going to receive before you decide on your agent.

Renovations will offer the biggest return on investment

Remember that not all buyers have the same needs. Sellers that extend or renovate in order to gain a bigger return when selling don’t always achieve this.  If you are looking to extend or renovate purely trying to add value to your home, then please give us a call. We will give you an accurate valuation with and without the renovations.

It is not worth fixing a house up at all if you have decided to sell

To achieve the best possible price, your home needs to be well maintained.  We would advise that you fix anything that may have broken and ensure that the property is clean and presentable. 

Online valuations are 100% Accurate.

An online valuation will give you a general idea of the value of your home. However,  to gain an accurate valuation your local agent will need to view your home. An accurate valuation will reflect any additional value you may have added such as a new kitchen or bathroom etc.

If you are thinking of selling your home but feel you need some advice first, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact our friendly team on 01257 451673 or email office@hometruthslancs.co.uk