New beginnings for Home Truths and Eccleston Primary School

Home Truths Sales has joined forces with Eccleston Primary School to launch a grand afternoon tea party on St Georges Day, to bring together some of the youngest and the oldest members of our community.

The inaugural afternoon tea party is set to take place on Monday April 23, St Georges Day, at Eccleston County Primary School, where over 30 residents from the local Eccleston retirement housing complex are invited to this grand, patriotic party. The party will be created, planned, and hosted by the Eccleston school children and we will be supporting all of the planning and on the day itself.

The St Georges Day celebration will enable the children to learn about this national day whilst planning the event for their guests and the afternoon is set to be filled with arts and crafts activities, songs, poems and of course, lots of fun. Reception and year one children will be joining in the fun at the party with the older guests and the School Council and children from year 5 and 6 will take charge of the hosting and running of the event and will be serving the afternoon tea to all the guests.

Home Truths Director, John Ascroft said: “We are excited to be involved in the first of what we hope to be a lasting initiative to bring together the younger and older members of our community. As a local Eccleston business we work within our community and we wanted to help Eccleston Primary School not only launch the event but to also assist with the hosting and running of this fantastic celebration for St Georges Day.

“The Home Truths team will be on hand on the day to aide with the running of the party and to ensure that travel is provided for all of the guests who may be less mobile than others and we are already working with Eccleston  Primary School to plan more events with the older members of our community throughout 2018!”

The celebration will mark the start of what is set to become a lasting relationship with the primary school, Home Truths, and the older and more isolated members of the community.

The St Georges Day afternoon tea party will commence at 1.30pm and finish at 3.00pm.

If you know of anyone from Eccleston or the surrounding area who you think may be interested in attending the party, or if you are a local business that would like to be involved, please email