Odin Needs a Home!

Odin Needs a Home!

Odin is a Jack Russell, Staffy cross and he is approximately two years old.

Odin needs a home with patient owners who will help him relax and work through his anxieties. There are a couple of things that Odin gets stressed about, but those little niggles are more than balanced by his wonderfully comical character and sensitive, affectionate nature.

Odin will need an adult-only home, or possibly a family with sensible older teenagers who will respect his space. He gets very nervous when new people come to the house – this presents as barking, growling and sometimes even lunging. We can offer advice on how to help Odin feel more comfortable with visitors, and it helps that Odin is already crate trained and chooses to go into his crate when he needs some peace. Odin hasn’t been with us long and he is already starting to accept new company, so hopefully, this is the start of his learning curve.

Odin loves to play, he’s always ready for a play session! Balls are his favourite type of toy and he will play fetch with you or throw the balls into the air himself to catch! Odin gets the zoomies in the house when he’s excited – he’ll run around the house from one room to the next like a giddy kipper!

Odin does the cutest little head tilt and lip licking whilst he listens to you talking – as though he understands every word you say! He loves being given a good scratch at the base of his tail and a scratch across the bridge of his nose. He’s a gentle and sensitive soul and if you’re feeling emotional Odin will be right there to offer cuddles and kisses.

Odin does get anxious when left, he barks initially when left home alone, but he isn’t destructive (apart from footwear, so keep shoes and socks out of reach!). Odin loves to be the centre of attention and will follow you around the house – he would benefit from some encouragement to spend some time on his own to build his inner confidence. A stuffed Kong and some food dispensing toys should help him to settle.

Odin wears a harness to go on a walk and he is very well behaved whilst he gets his kit on for walkies. Walks can be stressful for Odin, he will gruff at people and other dogs if they are at a distance and that can escalate into barking and pulling if they are nearby. His previous owners have used a muzzle during walks, and this seems to calm him down a little. We know that Odin has previously lived with multiple dogs and was OK in that environment, but he was attacked as a puppy which has no doubt knocked his confidence. Odin is very food orientated, so with the right training techniques and practice, with plenty of daily walks, hopefully, he will start to relax.

Odin has excellent food manners, he has been trained to sit and wait at his bowl until he’s given the go-ahead. He loves his food, bones, and dental chews. Odin is in great health and loves being groomed. He’s brilliant in the shower and he tolerates being towelled dry rather than enjoying it!

Odin travels well in the car, although he hasn’t had much experience of car travel. He is scared at the vets though, so some practice with friendly visits before his next appointment would be beneficial. Odin loves his crate, he likes to sleep in there overnight, next to his human’s bed. He already knows several commands, including ‘sit’, ‘lie down’, ‘stay’, ‘come’, ‘up’, ‘off’, ‘ball’, ‘bed’, ‘have a wee’ and ‘here’ (for walk to heel). Clever boy!

Odin cannot share his home with cats, small furry animals, or birds.

To adopt Odin, please complete an online adoption application form at www.homelesshounds.org.uk and Homeless Hounds will be in touch.

Homeless Hounds welcome applications from the North West but unfortunately, they are unable to consider applications from further afield. Please submit your application before requesting to meet the dogs – visits are by appointment only. Please note Homeless Hounds cannot rehome dogs to families with children under 5 years.