Offers! It’s not always the highest offer that wins…

A buoyant market

At Home Truths our job is to maximise value for our clients to ensure that they have the best opportunity going forwards.

When the market is as buoyant as it is now with a shortage of properties but with many potential buyers, we know that we are going to disappoint people as we can only sell a property to one buyer.

What happens when we get offers through?

When we assess offers that are coming through it is not always the highest offer that wins.  We present all offers to our clients with as much supporting information and context as we can in order for them to make an informed decision, and it is not always the highest offer that secures the property.

The three things that are really material are as follows;

  1. The actual amount offered – this is the main starting point and it would need to be supported by a survey valuation.
  2. The position of the buyers – are they cash, chain free or in a chain of several properties?
  3. The flexibility of the buyers – are they prepared to wait until the vendors have found a property that they want, are they in rented or don’t need to sell to purchase, or do they have a timescale they need to work to?
highest offer

It's not always the highest offer that wins

Whilst the offered price is always going to be important, the position and flexibility of a potential buyer are key influencers on the vendors decision.

At Home Truths we do look to maximise value by ensuring that as much detail as possible is put forward, so, whilst ultimately there may be a better all round buyer and you may not secure the property, nevertheless if you do offer with us you can be assured that we will represent your offer as well as we can.

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