Our St Georges Day Afternoon Tea Party with Eccleston Primary School

On St Georges Day we joined forces with Eccleston Primary School to host a grand the oldest members of our community.

The afternoon tea party took place at Eccleston Primary School, with older members of the community and supported by the Home Truths team.

All the guests were paired up with a child from Eccleston Primary School and playing games on iPad’s.

Ollie, age 7, was partnered up with Albert and raisin cakes too!”

Vince, age 8, was partnered up with Doreen and big class sizes! I’d love to do it again.”

Charlotte, age 7, said: “I liked it when we all got to meet and what school used to be like.”

Following a break for afternoon tea, the children interviewed their guests, asking them about their childhoods, their school days and everyone joined in for a rendition of Bob Marley’s, Three Little Birds.

Guest, Pat Davis, said: “It was a fabulous afternoon and to see all the children again!”

Year one teacher, Mrs Allen, said: “What a great afternoon we all had, seeing our children talk, play and pianist performed very well.”

The celebration was the beginning of what is set to become a lasting relationship with Eccleston Primary School, Home Truths, and sometimes more isolated members of the community.

Eccleston Primary School Head Teacher, Kelvin Wilkins said: “It was wonderful to see the two generations spending time talking and opening our doors to the wider community.”

Home Truths Director, John Ascroft, said: “As an independent, local, estate agent we all live and support this memorable day. We are now planning many more events as this was just the start!”

If you know of anyone from Eccleston and the surrounding area who you think may be interested in attending future events, or if you are a local business that would like to be involved in the initiative, please contact Cathy at  cathy@icepr.co.uk