St Gregory’s Tremendous Tipi Wins the Trophy!

St Gregory’s Tremendous Tipi Wins the Trophy!

Chorley’s St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School have won a competition, launched by Home Truths, to build a house made entirely from plastic, raising awareness of the current global plastics crisis.

The Home Truth’s competition, which commenced in April, invited primary schools from Chorley, Leyland surrounding villages to take part in the campaign. Children and their families were asked to collect as much plastic as they could from around the home. Then, with all the plastic collected, the children were tasked with creating a plastic house that was either the biggest house or the most creative, to be crowned the winner.

St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School’s winning creation was titled the ‘Tipi House on St Gregory’s Hill’. The plastic Tipi measured 3 metres high and 7 metres in diameter and will fit 40 children underneath it. St Gregory’s Year 5 class and the school’s Eco Council collected all the plastic before constructing their impressive Tipi, that was extremely tall and creative.

Home Truths Director, John Ascroft, said: “We wanted to launch a campaign with our local primary schools to help raise awareness for the global plastics crisis that we are all facing. At the same time, we wanted to put the children’s imagination to the test to see what they could create.

“St Gregory’s winning creation was a clear winner for us. It is not only impressive in size, but it is creative and really is a house with a difference. The judges felt that the fact that 40 children could fit inside the creation and that the Tipi will remain in place for years to come, to continually raise awareness for the plastics crisis, made St Gregory’s the worthy winners of the Home Truths Plastic House Competition 2019.” 

Lennon McDonagh, aged 9, from the St Gregory’s Eco Council said: “It was a tough challenge and we used over 150 bottles! We are very proud to have won a trophy and stop plastic pollution.”

Miss Lewis, St Gregory’s Year 5 Class Teacher and Eco Council Leader, said: “The Eco Council and Year 5 took ownership of the project and sorted all the bottles before creating the Tipi. Stand 7m diameter, our permanent, creative structure can fit 40 children under it, which is amazing!

“This was a great competition, run by Home Truths, as it encouraged our pupils’ interest and responsibility for our world. We aim to carry out further work on plastic pollution in September.”