Supporting Healthier Heroes CIC – Donations for the Ukraine

Having seen a post on our local community group, we asked if we could help in any way. So, we are so pleased to be able to offer our shops as a drop off point for donations for the Ukraine.   

Healthier Heroes CIC

We are taking donations of warm clothes, coats, blankets, sleeping bags, toiletries and medical supplies.

The donations will be collected by Healthier Hereos CIC who are taking them to a Polish humanitarian aid team.   

We will keep you updated on the journey.

Healthier Heroes CIC

Thank you to everyone who has donated.  What a fantastic village we live in!

Thank you from the Home Truths Team.

Wow.. what a village we live in! Thank you for all the donations to Ukraine so far, keep them coming and let’s do what we can to help! ❤️