Amanda Rodan

Amanda Rodan Viewer T 01257 451673

Why did you join Home Truths?

Home Truths is a family business that welcomes a small team of employees. Home Truths provide a personal touch of class to your journey.

The company is positioned in a rural setting yet commands a hive of activity between the two cities of Liverpool and Manchester. 

What do you do at Home Truths?

I am one of the property viewers representing Home Truths. Having property experience both in UK and Europe I can ensure that I can provide guidance with property visual inspiration. 

I can demonstrate renovation ideas and quick alternatives to meet their needs.

Why are you proud to work for Home Truths?

I am proud to work for Home Truths, very proud. Home Truths delivers class and dedication with an added personal touch. 

Why should people come to Home Truths to sell or let their home?

I would recommend Home Truths with their detailed approach to selling and letting. The service they provide forms a duty of care like no other that searches every avenue to ensure the best possible result for sellers, buyers and landlords.

What makes you smile at work?

I like to catch up on progress with the friendly team and get excited by our achievements. I'm delighted to be part of the team and enjoy what each day brings in meeting new people and building relationships both with the team, prospective buyers and investors.

What do you love about the local area?

Our offices are situated in a very affluent region. Sitting between two cities we can help in finding homes to accommodate rural living versus a city commute with the Lake District on our doorstep.

What do you do for fun?

I have a passion for home interior, oil painting, skiing and travel.  I see creation in everything and can bring my vision to selling with enthusiasm.

Who would be your dream dinner guests?

The Stereophonics