John Ascroft

John Ascroft Director T 01257 794588

What do you love about living in the local area?

I lived out of the area for years and couldn’t wait to return. I love the beautiful, varied landscape. I love being able to reach cities and stunning countryside in a short space of time.

I appreciate being around people who will smile, say hello and stop for a chat and I always enjoy the great Lancashire sense of humour. I genuinely think that this is a great place to be.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy wine and proper bitter. I like the fresh air, gardening and walking the dogs.

Who would be your three dream dinner guests and why?

My first dinner guest would be Roger Moore. He is unbelievably funny, witty and has a dry sense of humour.

Continuing with the Bond theme, my second dinner guest would be Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig has fulfilled his dream and landed the top job. He has achieved this by hard work, including dressing as a chicken in a supermarket, all with a great sense of humour. I admire how he set out what he wanted and achieved it.

My final dinner guest would be the ‘real life’ Indiana Jones; Giovanni Battista Belzoni. I would love to hear how he found the artefacts he did, how he tracked them down, I would love to read the manuscripts and listening to his stories would be fascinating.

My dinner would be a proper lads dinner! Lots of wine, beer, and funny stories.