Leigh Naylor

Leigh Naylor Viewer T 01257 451673

Why did you join Home Truths? 

I had retired from my career but did not feel ready to completely retire. We had put our house up for sale with Home truths and I was very impressed with the professionalism of the company. I am extremely nosey and I have always loved looking at houses and meeting people so a role as a Viewer for this company would be a dream role.  I was fortunate to be at the right place at the right time and  have loved being a part of the team at Home Truths

What do you do at Home Truths? 

My main role is to greet prospective home buyers at their chosen property and show them around. I try to answer any questions they may have regarding this property but also to confirm the criteria they are looking for if the house we are presently viewing is not for them.  I can then suggest any other houses that also meet their criteria.

When not viewing properties I am in the office answering calls and enquiries regarding new and old properties and booking in viewing dates and times to suit.

I have also taken on the role of “gardener” and look after the area within the walls outside the office and enjoy practising my Topiary skills on the trees!


Why are you proud to work for Home Truths?

As it is a family firm it is nice to feel part of a very happy, close-knit team.  We are professional but friendly at the same time and always have our customers at the forefront of our work.  This is most important and hopefully shows through in all we do.  It really is an excellent team with everyone working together and supporting each other in all the roles required.


Why should people come to Home Truths to sell or let their home?

We have a large variety of properties to suit most budgets. We take the time to get to know our Vendors and their properties well so we are able to assist any potential purchasers to match to the right property and answer any questions they may have.  By also understanding the needs of our customers we can point them to a property they may not have considered and often this is “the right one”.

The staff have extensive knowledge of House Sales and Rental and we are there to support you all through your house purchase/ rental process from contacting us to look at a house to collect the keys.


How do you describe to friends and family what you do?

I tell everyone I am doing my “dream job”. I work part-time, meeting new people and showing them around houses that may become their new home.


What makes you smile at work?

The banter and catch up as we all arrive in the morning before the workday begins.

When I am showing someone around a house we always have a laugh and smile just from general conversation.  This is an exciting and apprehensive time for anyone when looking for a new home so it is most important to put everyone at ease and this usually results in a smile or laugh.  It is also wonderful when they cannot hide their excitement as they realise this may be the house for them and the offer is rung through to the office.  Smiles all round.

When someone comes in to collect the keys to their new home on the day of Completion.

Obviously, when we get compliments on our service.

Also when I look out of the office window and see the lovely colours of the plants in our walls and see nature at it’s best.


What do you love about living in the local area?

I moved here 32 years ago and raised my family in Eccleston. The village itself has everything anyone could need – Drs, Shops, Dentist, Library, 2 good village schools, bus service, and other specialist facilities ie Solicitors, Accountants, Estate Agent, etc.  Heskin Hall is within walking distance, as is the open countryside in all directions.  In a few minutes, you are in fields and lovely scenery.  There are also a lot of community groups for all ages to become involved in if you should so wish. No excuse for being bored or lonely. The community spirit in the village is excellent and it is a very friendly place to be.


What do you do for fun?

I love walking and am a member of a Walking Group so go out regularly with them or with friends.

I enjoy decorating and home staging so, having recently moved, I am very busy creating our new home.

I am a passionate gardener too so you can find me in the garden, weather permitting.

I love eating out, Theatre and Cinema when possible.

One of my other passions is Travel. I lived in Hong Kong for 2 years and love experiencing the culture of other countries.  I have travelled extensively – Italy, Spain, France, America, Canada, Austria, Australia, China and more and my dream is to travel down the Yangtze River, see The Great Wall and experience rural China.

I enjoy time with the Grandchildren as they make you see the world through their eyes which is fun.

I am an active member of my church and I am a Steward and in the Choir.


Who would be your three dream dinner guests and why?

I would love to invite Michael Palin.  I met him years ago when my Father worked for the BBC in Bristol. He loves travel and I would like to question him on his experiences – good and bad!

My Mother, who lives in St Ives , Cornwall so do not get to see her often enough.  To create a wonderful meal for her to thank her for everything she has done as a mother.

And finally – Michael Bolton. Well why not!!!