Lewis Spensley

Lewis Spensley Lettings Consultant T 01257 451673

Why did you join Home Truths?

I joined Home Truths as it gave me the opportunity to try something new after leaving college. It is a local business located in Coppull where I have lived all my life.  The business has allowed me to set a clear career path for myself and knowledge further.

What do you do at Home Truths?

I work within the search company, PSS and eventually send them back to the customer.

Why are you proud to work for Home Truths?

I am very proud to work for a very professional company who deals with each and every customer with care.

How do you describe to friends and family what I do?

I deal with the complete search process from the first order point all the way through to the return of searches in the end. Most of my friends aren’t clever enough to understand any more than that!

What makes you smile at work?

I enjoy coming into work and we all have a great laugh within the office.

What do you love about living in the local area?

I have lived in Coppull all of my life, it is a lovely quiet village where everybody knows each other and gets along. I love being involved in some of the local football clubs who I currently volunteer for during weekends.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy going out with family and downs with them but that’s why I love them!

Who would be your three dream dinner guests and why?

Peter Kay has to be on the list! I love watching his shows and would love to spend time with these two! Perhaps we could speak about them getting back together in the future, which is more wishful thinking!