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Why did you join Home Truths?

I joined Home Truths because they have an extra big window front and I like to look and woof at people going by.

What do you do at Home Truths?

I make a lot of noise and rip up the paper which I take from everyone's bins!

Why should people come to Home Truths to sell their home?

People should sell their home with Home Truths because they love people but love dogs even more.

What makes you smile at work?

When my colleagues go to the back cupboard and give me a treat. I never let someone go into the kitchen without me behind them! They make me shake a paw A LOT and it gets kind of boring sometimes.

What do you love about living in the local area?

I love running through all of the fields and getting really muddy so my Mummy has to give me a shower when I get home.

What do you do for fun?

I like to play fetch and eat a lot. However, my favourite part of the day is being in bed... I don't like getting up!

Who would be your three dream dinner guests and why?

My three dream dinner guest's would be my doggo best friends: Tucker and Lexie (who are my cousins) and my best friend Rocco!