The Summer Sunflower competition…the results so far!

We are close to the end of our Summer Sunflower Competition and we wanted to share with you the results so far.

So, with no further ado, here are the green fingered children with the tallest sunflowers so far. Drum roll, please!

Leo Billington from St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School, in Coppull, has grown his sunflower to a fantastic 29cm, just before the summer break! Well done, Leo!

Jack Freeman from St. John’s Primary School in Coppull has just edged ahead of Leo with his

sunflower was measuring in at 30cm. Can you stay ahead Jack?

Eccleston County Primary School submitted a great result from Ella in year 4. Her sunflower measured a whopping 94cm!

Last but certainly not least is the sunflower from Joshua Laithwaite from Eccleston St Mary’s Primary school, with his sunflower reaching an amazing 130cm! Joshua, you are currently in the lead!

Our very own John Ascroft has been getting into the spirit too!

So far, throughout this summer break, the weather has been hit and the occasional sunny day, providing us with favourable conditions for our sunflowers.

We can’t wait to see how all the children have been getting on over the summer and to find out the final results, so make sure that you like our Facebook page as that is where the winners will be announced!

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