The Truth About Online Estate Agents


There is a lot of hype at the moment about the ‘online estate agents’ ands of pounds! But, will you really save money using an online estate agent?
The Advisory recently did a data study on the differences between the online agents and the results are astounding!


They established that good high street agents, in 73% of house sales, are achieving a better selling price than pure internet-only agents, and on average are achieving 5% higher selling prices for their clients!


In Chorley and this equates to around a whopping £9,600 based on the average house price of £192,000.


Here are the last three houses that Home Truths sold and not an internet only agent!



Here, our client secured £9,100 more, thanks to our proactive approach to estate agency, compared to using an “internet-only” listing service.








Here, our client secured £7,625 more, by instructing a high street estate agent, rather than using an “internet-only” estate agent.






Here, our client secured a fantastic £14,400 more, by working with an estate agent with real people, rather than an “internet-only” listing service.




If you would like to sell your home for MORE then get in touch with Home Truths today by calling 01247 451673, emailing, or stop by our Eccleston or Coppull office to meet with us and some biscuits! Not something an internet only estate agent will offer you…