Thinking Of Changing Your Agent… Are You Looking for a Fresh Marketing Approach?

The focus of a good agent should be on selling your home at the best price possible in an optimum time frame.  Your agent should provide an accurate valuation, have an effective marketing plan, provide you with regular updates and will work with you to achieve a price that you are happy with. A good agent will provide regular updates and will work for you to progress your sale so that you can move to your new home with as little stress as possible.  We strive to achieve all these points and more for every one of our customers. 


Moving Home Isn’t An Easy Ride

Moving home is up there with being one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. We use our knowledge and years of experience to make it as pain free as possible.  If your home has been on the market for a while and you haven’t received feedback from your agent on why this might be, you may be thinking of changing your agent.

You may feel that your agent hasn’t quite met your expectations or maybe isn’t as attentive as they were at the start. Or you may feel they have done their best, but things just haven’t worked out and it’s time for a change.


Here Is Our Guide On How To Turn Things Around

Be prepared to discuss any issues with your agent

Make a list of what you are not happy with and discuss these with your agent.  It may be that your agent is working on a different marketing approach to discuss with you or will take action to address your issues.

Check the terms and conditions within your agency agreement

Check through the terms of your agreement, is it sole agency?  Do you have a tie-in period, and what notice period do you need to give?  Your agent may be flexible with some of these conditions, so it is worth discussing these options.

Speak to your agent

We review our properties on a regular basis and provide a detailed report of statistics to our vendors. We find this provide our vendors with the opportunity to discuss any concerns and agree on a plan moving forward whether this be a different marketing approach or a reduction in price.


If after speaking with your agent you would still like to change agents, have a look at the following points to consider when choosing a new agent.

Recommendations from friends and family. Most people know of someone who has moved recently and will know who to recommend and why.  

Check out recently sold houses on the websites or Rightmove of these agents.  Have they sold a property like yours? Check out there Facebook page to see how they would market your property and look through their Google reviews.

When you meet with prospective agents – ask the right questions

Don’t be shy to ask why they think your home may not have sold.  Is it the price, the marketing, the presentation, ask what advice they would give on how to achieve the best price?

How proactive will they be in marketing you home?  What will give them the edge over other agents.  Will there be a marketing plan for your home and what will that look like? How often will they communicate with you? 

Discuss the agency agreement, make sure you know if there is a minimum term and whether there would be a fee if you were to terminate the agreement.

How engaged is the agent, what questions have they asked you about you’re your situation and your motivation for moving home?  Have they given you an update on current market conditions for your area, do you feel as though you can work with them for months or maybe years to come?


Changing Agent

Changing agents isn’t something to jump straight into, we hope that the above guide has helped assist your thought process.  If after speaking with your agent you feel that you have exhausted all avenues, then moving to a new agent for a fresh marketing approach may be what your home needs.

We would be happy to meet with you to offer our advice on how we could maximise the value of your home, sell in the optimum time frame with excellent service. To arrange a meeting, contact us on 01257 451 673 or enter your information into the link below and we will do the rest.