Tips To Make Your House More Saleable

The process of selling your house can sometimes seem like a tricky one and a process not to rush. So, we thought it would be nice to give you some clarity by listing the ways to make your house more saleable. Whilst you’re doing small bits of work, ask you agent to start a ‘Coming Soon’ campaign. This way, you won’t feel you’ve lost any time and may even end up with a better offer!

Room for creativity

make your house saleable

It is great to personalise your home and make it yours. However, when viewings start at your house it is worth depersonalising to give buyers room for their creativity.

Try painting any bright walls a more neutral colour. Remove vivid ornaments and try to create a natural colour palette. This isn’t to take all of the style and colour out of your home… Just make it more subtle and saleable.

Opening spaces and decluttering will also make a difference to the way your home is perceived. This will show the house is capable of accommodating buyers needs.

Or, if it is a young couple buying their first property. Amplify how this house is perfect for them to make it their own by showing its versatility.

It’s all about making the property look lived in yet transformable to the buyer’s personal taste.

Get The Job Done

how to make your house more saleable

Many buyers will have a ‘drive-by’ before booking a viewing. So, it is key that they get a good first impression of your home. One of the key places to look after is your front garden. Including your driveway and anything else that can be seen from the road!

Make sure any maintenance work that needs doing is done. No matter how small it is. These little details will show the care and affection that has been put into the house. It will also leave fewer points to negotiate on.

One of the first things a buyer will notice when they walk into your home is the smell. Pets or not, we always recommend lighting a candle or buying a few plug-ins just in case! If you are a pet owner, having someone look after your pet while someone views your house would be best. Then the viewers aren’t distracted from your home.

Shine A Light On Your Home

A simple yet really effective way to amplify your house is the use of natural lighting. Make sure you open all curtains and blinds to show how light your house is. This is an effective draw to potential buyers. It opens up the space and makes each room look bigger and more attractive.

If there isn’t much natural light in a room, try high voltage bulbs and lamps.

Show It Off

Create a focal point in at least one of your rooms. May that be the kitchen or living room. Make it something so alluring that upon viewing the potential buyer wants to see it again. It may be because your kitchen has a rustic, vintage look that is unique to the rest of the house. Or the living room perfectly encapsulates the comfort and care you want your house to represent!

These are just a few simple steps that will help enhance your home to potential buyers and make the house selling experience a little easier. And ultimately make your house more saleable.

We're Here To Help

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