What do landlords really want?

what do landlords really want

The lettings market is booming with demand outstripping supply, we have been trying to find more landlords to help meet our ever-growing list of prospective tenants. With tougher legislation, tax changes and whispers of rental reform we highlight below some of the services we offer our landlords to ease the strain.

Advice on legislation and tax changes

Over the past twelve months legislative and tax changes have had quite an impact on the industry. Even though a large amount of landlords have had a rental property for a long period of time they will be used to changes. But making the right decision with regard to their investment is key to keeping it going along with the support of a good agent. Our lettings team keep our landlords up to date with changes to legislation and any tax changed throughout their tenancy.

Good communication about tenancies

We provide regular updates to our landlords after inspections with colour coded inspection reports throughout the tenancy not just as the tenant is moving out. We feel this is instrumental in showing landlords that their investment is being looked after. We also keep landlords up to date with their compliance requirements, sending them annual gas safety certificate reminders and 5 yearly reminders for the electrical reports.

More information on the local property market

Landlords appreciate being kept updated on the local lettings market, this may be that they are looking to invest in another property or to understand rent yields locally. We post our new lets onto our social media pages, not only for tenants to see but so that landlords can see the type of property and features that tenants are looking for. We also post regular market updates on our Facebook page and website.

Comprehensive referencing

Referencing is one of the most important processes. Our lettings team undergo thorough referencing process, including the mandatory right to rent checks. We have a comprehensive payment system, PayProp which ensures that the tenant does not go into arrears on their rent. Ensuring tenants are robustly referenced leads to a trouble-free tenancy.

Selecting the best tenant for a landlord

With the lettings market currently overflowing with tenants and homes in short supply, getting the right tenant can be a worry for landlords when re -letting a property. By conducting ID and credit history checks, we can check that a tenant can afford the rent along with employment reference checks. We try and gather as much information as possible from prospective tenants and always share our findings with the landlord before accepting a tenant.

Keep up good communication with both tenant and landlord

There has been a change in this legislation recently and with the Renters Reform Bill on the horizon, the way evictions are handled could be changing. we understand that this is a big worry for landlords. Having good lines of communication with both tenants and landlords helps us deal with any problems early on.

Use a fully managed property maintenance service

By using our fully managed service, you can take the hassle of dealing with property maintenance away.

By adding value throughout our lettings process with our online services, regular communication with our landlords and tenants accompanied with our industry knowledge we can offer landlords an excellent service.

If you have thought about becoming a Landlord and would like further information on the services we can offer or just for some advice on the local rental market give is a call on 01257 451 673.