Home Truths Sunflower Competition – The winners!

Our Home Truths Summer Sunflower competition ended at the close of Autumn, and all of the winners from each primary school, that participated.

Year one pupil, Joshua Laithwaite brought home the trophy for Eccleston St Mary’s primary school, by growing a sunflower that reached a whopping 258 cm!

Joshua was delighted to win the grand trophy, presented to him by Home Truths director John Ascroft.

Home Truths director, John Ascroft said: “We were delighted by the enthusiasm and Coppull, by growing a sunflower that was nearly twice his own height!”

All the children in Joshua’s class at Eccleston St Mary’s primary school thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the competition.

The Home Truths Sunflower growing competition, which ran through the summer and here are the winners from each primary school who took part.

Eccleston County Primary school winner was Ella Milward. Ella’s sunflower was a close second, in height, to Joshua’s and here she is with her medal.

Eve Parry, from St John’s Primary school, grew the tallest sunflower in Coppull. Eve will be keen to take on the Eccleston schools, in next year’s competition!

Jack Hughes, was the winner from Coppull Primary School. Here is Jack, with his fellow student’s, celebrating his achievement.

Isabelle Flanagan, from St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School, is our final green fingered winner, and she is wearing her winners medal with pride!

When asked about next year, John Ascroft, said: “We are looking forward to running the competition again next year, and we want to see if Eccleston St Mary’s can retain the title or if one of the other schools who participated can be our new winner?”

If you would like your school to take part, please email cathy@icepr.co.uk

We’ll see you next year!